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OK Car Hire Spain Rental Terms for travel between 01-Jan-2015 and 31-Dec-2024

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF LEASE OF VEHICLES (hereinafter, "General Conditions") govern the contractual relationship between OK RENT A CAR, SL (Hereinafter "Lessor") and the paying customer (hereinafter "Lessee"), under which the first gives the second use of a vehicle (hereinafter, "Vehicle") for the period, price and other conditions stipulated by the parties to the lease (hereinafter "Agreement"), which will be made and signed in the premises of the Lessor.
It is the responsibility of the tenant out copy of this contract at any time in the vehicle.
1. Purpose of the Contract: The lease-drive the vehicle described in the Special Conditions of Contract for private transport of passengers and their luggage, fulfilling all the terms outlined in this document.
2. Period of rent, delivery (Check-Out), return (Check-In) and extension: The minimum rental period is 1 day (24 hours) and the maximum is determined by the vehicle selected contract.
Rental days calculated for periods of 24 hours from the exact time that the Lessee has been delivered to the rented (hereinafter, Check-Out) and even the return of the vehicle (hereinafter, Check-In) Vehicle its keys and documents to the Lessor, providing OK RENT A CAR a period of 60 minutes courtesy of the date and time of Check-In Vehicle covered Agreement.
Upon check-in before the end of the period does not entitle the Lessee to be returned or deduct any amount of money subscribed in the contract, since it is considered a unilateral termination of the Agreement by the Tenant waive any right established in the contractual relationship.
If Tenant breaches any of the points made in the general or specific conditions set out in the Contract, the Lessor reserves the right to remove the vehicle to the Lessee at any time.
For operational reasons revision Vehicle Lessor reserves the right to replace the vehicle at any time by another of similar characteristics previously informing the Lessee.
The Check-Out and Check-In will be held on the premises of OK RENT A CAR where the contract was signed, under the terms and conditions stated in the conditions of the contract.
OK RENT A CAR offers the Check-In Vehicle by the Lessee may be performed at other facilities of your company (in the Balearic Islands), other than where the contract (One Way fee) was signed at the same time and terms stipulated in the conditions of the contract, the Lessee shall pay:
€ 12 for installations within the same island where the vehicle was rented.
€ 290 for facilities located in different islands where the vehicle was rented.
If the Check-In is not made by or abandon the vehicle, the lessee will load the extra costs 120 € for recovery rate of Vehicle plus all expenses and costs of recovery with the days of unpaid rent, General Price as established in the web site or premises in Lessor understood from the time periods specified in the Contract as Check-In until effective recovery and preparation of the vehicle.

One Way – Fee service
There are two different kind of One ways:
Within the same Island where the client picked up the vehicle
The cost for the One way fee within the same islands depends on where the tenant wants to leave the vehicle and distance – see below
Mallorca / Menorca / Ibiza:
Delivery Zone 1: the price for service range from a minimum of 20 € and a maximum of 40 €.
Delivery Zone 2: the price for service range from a minimum of 30 € and a maximum of 60 €.
Delivery Zone 3: the price for service range from a minimum of 40 € and a maximum of 80 €.
Delivery Zone 4: the price for service range from a minimum of 60 € and a maximum of 120 €.

Drop off in another islands where OK Rent a Car has an office (for example pick up Mallorca – Drop off Ibiza).
To leave the vehicle in another Balearic Island. The charge for this service is 240 €.
2.1 Extension of Contract: The Lessee shall expressly notify in writing, in person at the office of OK RENT A CAR where he made the contract at any time before the end of the rental period specified in the Contract, or any other facility of OK RENT A CAR, under the terms of One Way fee, previously mentioned.
The minimum period of extension shall be at least 1 day (24 hours) and can be expanded according to the particular conditions of contract and contract vehicle.
In any case, the price at the beginning of the Contract may be used for an extension of it.
In the event that the tenant wants to keep the vehicle exceeding the initially agreed time, it undertakes to obtain prior authorization of the Lessor and payable immediately the amount of additional deposit for such extension, being the price applicable to the period of extension of the rent indicated in the General Price List, established in the OK RENT A CAR or other means deemed Landlord site or facility.
Landlord reserves the right to refuse the request for extensions for operational reasons.
Vehicle use upon completion of the lease term or its extension shall be deemed as unauthorized use for the purposes of paragraph 12 of this contract, proceeding to lodge a complaint for misappropriation. Delivery or return of the vehicle outside the office business hours (8:00 to 21:00) carries a mandatory surcharge of € 40 per service.
3. Conductor (s): The Lessee and additional drivers must be at least 19 years, or hold a driving license that has been in force for less than two years at the time of renting the vehicle. Established in section 9.1. Young driver hedges (of 19-25 years of age) and driver Novel (less than 2 years of driving license), additional conductor (second conductor and third conductor).
4. Vehicle Maintenance: The lessee receives the vehicle in perfect condition and must keep it in good condition. Workshop repairs or replacement of parts may only be made prior express written consent of the Lessor. Any repair costs will be reimbursed except with the consent and acceptance by the Lessor of the budget and the workshop which performed the repair. If there is no such express written consent sole responsibility of the tenant payment of such expenses, both workshop and spare parts.
5. Vehicle Identification: Tenant must retain the identifying stickers OK RENT A CAR in the leased vehicle in order to be identified as indicated by the Law and Bylaws of movement for the purpose. Removal of these adhesives entail a surcharge for restitution of € 12 plus payment of the administrative sanction imposed for this item.
6. Objects found: The renter must empty the vehicle of his personal effects. The Landlord is not liable for any objects found in the vehicle. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any object found in the vehicle may be referred to the Lessee prior express written request to OK RENT A CAR, Gran Via Asima, 36, A - 07009, Palma, Illes Balears, Spain.
In this case the landlord will charge a minimum of 15 € for shipping management objects in addition to its own costs remission, which shall be borne entirely by the Lessee.
7. In case of breakdown or accident outside the agreed rental period: termination of the contractual relationship between the lessee and the lessor (hereinafter, the Parties), Lessee shall be responsible for 100% payment of reparations and costs incurred by Vehicle .
8. Prices and Rates: Prices Contract shall conform to the General Price List that is exposed at the disposal of all public facilities, websites of OK RENT A CAR or other means deemed Lessor, whose contents expressly states Lessee know prior to this Agreement, in particular those concerning the type of vehicle and type of contract signed between the parties. All prices are given in Euros (€). The price of fuel will be detailed at the time of signing the contract between the parties, due to fluctuation in fuel prices we can not tell in these terms of value.
9.1 Optional coverages:
-Wheels And Lunas (CGT): By hiring this kind the Tenant will enjoy the tranquillity of cover possible damage to windows and wheels, these being its use the most sensitive to contingencies. Not considered improper use thereof. This coverage costs a minimum of € 16; having surpassed this minimum you will be charged € 7 per day up to the maximum of 80 €, but this amount is exceeded.
-Elimination Franchise (SDCW): By hiring this extra extension the customer removes all of the insurance premium. Differentiating five Groups / Segments:
Group / Segment 1: This coverage has a minimum cost of 20 €; having surpassed this minimum you will be charged € 10 per day up to the maximum of € 145.95, but this amount is exceeded.
Group / Segment 2: This coverage has a minimum cost of 30 €; having surpassed this minimum they will be charged € 15 per day up to the maximum of € 195.95, but this amount is exceeded.
Group / Segment 3: This coverage has a minimum cost of 50 €; having surpassed this minimum you will be charged € 25 per day up to the maximum of € 295.95, but this amount is exceeded.
Roadside assistance PREMIUM (CAR): This coverage provides 24-hour telephone, calling the following phone number: +34 971 928 603, change or replacement of the vehicle object of the accident, roadside assistance by crane, going to scene of the incident in less than two hours (this coverage will not apply if the accident was the result of negligence on the part of the Lessee or accident or stoppage of vehicle because of crimes or offenses made under the same specified in paragraphs 11 and 12) This coverage has a unique cost of 14 €.
If the above mentioned coverage is not hired, the tenant must pay the surcharge established for this purpose in 9.2 Lessor.
Okay PREMIUM Cover: This type of insurance covers all of the above (Wheels and moons Elimination franchise (as Group / Segment hired) and PREMIUM Roadside Assistance (CAR)), distinguishing between the following Groups / Segments:
Group / Segment 1: This coverage has a minimum cost of 30 €; having surpassed this minimum they will be charged € 15 per day up to the maximum of € 195.95, but this amount is exceeded.
Group / Segment 2: This coverage has a minimum cost of 40 €; having surpassed this minimum you will be charged € 20 per day up to the maximum of € 295.95, but this amount is exceeded.
Group / Segment 3: This coverage has a minimum cost of 60 €; having surpassed this minimum you will be charged € 30 per day up to the maximum of € 495.95, but this amount is exceeded.
- Young Driver, 19 to 25 years old: This coverage costs a minimum of € 24; having surpassed this minimum you will be charged € 10 per day up to the maximum of € 300, but this amount is exceeded.
- Novel, less than 2 years of driving license: This coverage costs a minimum of € 24; having surpassed this minimum you will be charged € 10 per day up to the maximum of € 300, but this amount is exceeded.
- Second driver: This coverage costs a minimum of € 18; having surpassed this minimum you will be charged € 7 per day up to the maximum of 70 €, but this amount is exceeded.
- Third driver: This coverage has a minimum and daily cost of € 1; up to the maximum of 30 €, but this amount is exceeded.
9.2 General Exclusions from coverage and related surcharges: All detailed coverage do not include services related to damage and / or losses in the vehicle, in relation to:
Finished; body; low; ceiling; mirrors; Indoor and outdoor equipment; engine; exchange; mechanical parts; undercarriage; tires and wheels (only included in Lunas Wheels and CGT); Moons and / or crystals (only included in Lunas Wheels and CGT); extractable components (eg Booster (child booster), Baby seat (chair), antenna, trays, GPS, multimedia cards); Security Kit (triangle and vests); Refuelling wrong; Vehicle replacement in case of failure (only included in CAR) .Because its importance also excluded the following services are specified:
Roadside assistance and crane (only included in CAR), entail a surcharge of 240 €, for the cases specified in paragraphs 9 and 10 or by negligence of the Lessee.
Loss of vehicle documents: In case of loss of vehicle documents a surcharge of € 30 is made for administrative formalities.
Pérdidade keys: In case of loss of the keys to the vehicle a minimum surcharge of € 200 and a maximum of € 400 is performed, depending on the model of vehicle rented.
This list is merely for information purposes, because of its length we refer to the "Price List of Damages and / or losses and Related Services," which specify in detail all possible damages and / or associated with their respective losses and services prices.
"Table Price Damage and / or Loss Related" is exposed at the disposal of all public facilities, websites of OK RENT A CAR or any other means deemed Lessor, whose contents expressly states meet the tenant prior to the signing of this Agreement. All prices are given in Euros (€) and will be for the damages, losses and related services on the invoice issued to the Lessee be charged.
None of the modalities of the coverage will cover the damage to the insured vehicle as a result of: wars. natural disasters and natural phenomena (hail, blizzards or other), terrorism, riot or mutiny; actions of the Security Forces of the State, negligence by the Lessee, neglect, accident or stoppage of the vehicle because of crimes or offenses made with the same and other activities set out in points 11 and 12. These damages and Related services will be borne by the Lessee.
Coverage in no case covers the left, stored or transported in the vehicle personal effects. So DO NOT LEAVE ANY OBJECT INTO THE VEHICLE AND ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU ARE WELL LOCKED.
10. In case of accident, crime or vandalism (see item 11) Vehicle committed against the Tenant is required to:
to. Report the incident to the police immediately.
b. Fill a friendly accident report on the official template found in the vehicle indicating at least the registration number, the name and address of the opposing party and the name of the insurer and, when possible, the policy number insurance.
c. Concisely and accurately describe the accident and, where appropriate, record the names of witnesses.
d. Not prejudge or acknowledge any responsibility for the accident.
e. Do not leave the vehicle without taking adequate measures to protect against further damage and leaving it closed without disturbing the traffic.
f. Immediately report the incident to OK RENT A CAR, emergency calling: +34 971 928 603
In case of accident or criminal act Lessor is not obliged to offer the tenant another rental vehicle
Lessor management fee levied handling of / the accident reports € 50.
Lessor may provide a new vehicle, under current and current conditions at the right time, in order to replace the subject vehicle accident, crime or vandalism. In this situation it is considered that the contract has ended between the two sides, Landlord and Tenant, Tenant shall pay all costs of the Contract the Lessor.
11. Examples of crime or vandalism committed against the vehicle:
Theft of the vehicle.
Robbery or theft of interior or exterior parts of the vehicle such as wheels, tires and seats.
Burglary causing damage to glass or the vehicle body.
Vehicle vandalism.
The above list is written to mere exemplary purposes, not limiting.
12. Unauthorized use of vehicle: Tenant will be obliged to use the vehicle with due diligence and care, according to its characteristics, in compliance with the rules of Spanish motor vehicle traffic and avoiding force, in any case, any situation it could damage the vehicle or third parties. Also, in any case that the provisions are infringed at this point it means that there has been an unauthorized use.
Tenant's obligation not to allow driving the vehicle to any person other than those authorized under this Agreement, the Lessee being directly responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle or third parties in this case.
Tenant fully liable for damages caused in inner and outer parts of the vehicle by unauthorized use of it. In the event of unauthorized use of the vehicle, the lessee is required to pay any expenses arising from such damage, the specified amount will be paid under the Tenant credit card, showing the Lessee expressly agree to all efecctos.
Tenant signing the contract will be considered as acceptance of the general and special conditions specified in the contract. Unauthorized use includes, but is not limited to, the following cases cited as examples:
• Participation in competitions.
• illegal racing.
• Driving without permission or license of circulation, or without authorization from the Lessor.
• Transfer the vehicle to a third party. • To push or tow any other vehicle. • Circulation sites that are unsuitable for public transport such as beaches, car circuits, etc.
• Circulation in the process that could lead to damage in low / crankcase of the vehicle.
• Performance negligent before the On informers or warning signs box vehicle that the lessee declares to know by signing this contract.
• The moving furniture or animals in the vehicle.
• The transport of persons or goods that directly or indirectly involves a payment to the lessee (eg using the vehicle as illegal "Taxi")
• Subletting the vehicle.
• The transport of a number of people or amount exceeding that authorized for the vehicle luggage, according to the number of seat belts.
• Transport luggage on top of the vehicle (not authorized to place rack in the vehicle).
• Leaving objects in view in the vehicle.
• Littering the vehicle.
• Driving the vehicle in a state of fatigue, illness or under the influence of alcohol medications or drugs. • Reckless driving.
• contrary to traffic rules driving.
• Driving of the rented vehicle by unauthorized in the contract either as tenant / s driver / person is additional / s.
• Driving the vehicle outside Balearic islands.
• Use the vehicle after finishing the rental period.
• Do not wear seat baby and / or child when traveling with children under 12 years of age or anyone with less than 135 centimetres tall.
13. Traffic violations: The Lessee shall be liable for immediate payment of the fines incurred for any infringement of the law during the rental period. Lessee shall inform the Lessor of any fine imposed on the vehicle or the driver during the rental period. Landlord always charged as management reporting and notification of fines 50 € to Tenant filed sanction. Payment of the fines is not included in any of the coverage which can be hired. In the event that the authorities retain the vehicle by an act or omission by the Tenant, whatever the cause, he will be responsible and indemnify the Lessor for all costs incurred and lost profits as a result.
14. Joint and several liability. All tenants and / or additional drivers jointly and severally liable for all obligations assumed by the Lessee in the Agreement and all legislation applicable to it.
15. Fuel policy: On the cash reserve and depending on the tariff chosen by the Lessee will be applied when one of the following options:
a) Full / Refund- Lessee shall pay 100% of the deposit at the check-out of the vehicle, checking the Lessor at Check-In Vehicle fuel level in the tank currently proceeding to the return of the remaining fuel in deposit under the scoring eight eighths, less management fees and refueling established in 24 €.
b) Full / Full- In Check-Out Lessor undertakes to deliver full tank Vehicle, meanwhile Lessee also force the Check-In to return it full. If the obligation of filling by the Landlord Tenant fails to comply it may at the time of Check-Out that will deliver the vehicle with a full tank, if not demanded so at that time will be deemed to comply. If, however, who was the tenant fails to comply with the Check-in will be charged a management expense refuelling € 24 more missing litres up to 100% of the deposit.
16. Additional and Extra services:
Speedy Check is the fast delivery service Vehicle and a single price will be paid for each service, establishing two categories:
* From origin (single price per service € 12).
* In counter (single price per service € 18).
Delivery: This service is to bring a vehicle to any area of the island of Mallorca where notify the Lessee to Lessor, differentiating prices by zones, said zones and prices are available on a map within the tab "Extras" on the website OK RENT A CAR. Prices per areas are:
Delivery Zone 1: the price for service range from a minimum of 20 € and a maximum of 40 €.
Delivery Zone 2: the price for service range from a minimum of 30 € and a maximum of 60 €.
Delivery Zone 3: the price for service range from a minimum of 40 € and a maximum of 80 €.
Delivery Zone 4: the price for service range from a minimum of 60 € and a maximum of 120 €.
16.1. Extras:
Please keep in mind that the Lessee under the laws of Spanish circulation all under 12 or anyone with a shorter than 135 centimetres are required to be seated in the vehicle and approved their respective chair. Landlord provides you with the chair and child, for a daily cost with minimum and maximum, differentiating three groups specified below and on the website of OK RENT A CAR.
GPS: costs a minimum of € 12, having surpassed this minimum will be charged € 6 per day up to the maximum of 120 €, but this amount is exceeded.
Paper map: only cost per unit of € 2.50.
Extra vehicle Open Roof: has a minimum cost of € 9; having surpassed this minimum you will be charged € 3 per day to a peak of € 50, but this amount is exceeded.
Supplement diesel vehicle: has a minimum cost of € 9; having surpassed this minimum will be charged € 3 per day to a peak of € 30, but this amount is exceeded
17. Payment: All service will be paid for in advance by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), debit card or cash at our facilities. The method of capturing such bond will only be made by credit card is provided to Lessor by the Lessee or additional driver listed and sign the contract. The return of the deposit or pre-authorization can range between 14 and 31 days depending on the bank used and because the operation of the entity Tenant. OK RENT A CAR only accepts VISA and MASTERCARD, not including any surcharge thereon.

OK Rent a Car also accepts Maestro, which is a German debit card. The deposit amount cannot be left with a Maestro, which means the Customer should take OK PREMIUM COVER in order to pay with a Maestro.
18. Taxes: All rates detailed in prices include Value Added Tax (VAT) to 21% .The Lessor is exempt from payment of any fee or tax to any state, regional or local authority to establish in the course of this Agreement.
19. Applicable law and jurisdiction Submission: This contract is governed by all the Spanish legislation that affects them. The parties expressly submit to the Courts of Mallorca, waiving any jurisdiction that may apply to any incidents and issues arising from this contract.
20. Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be made in writing to the following address no amount reservation made, except for reasons of force majeure (natural disasters, wars, bombings, death or serious illness Tenant occurrence, parents, siblings or children) reliably accredited address indicated above.
21. Customer service and claims: If you have any suggestions on improving our services we are at your disposal in the email also all our facilities have official complaint forms that will be delivered politely when ask our employees.
22. Framework Agreement: These terms have the character of framework contract, continue to apply to those leases entered into by the same tenant OK RENT A CAR.
23. TRANSLATION: The Lessee is entitled to receive a copy in Spanish of these general conditions and recorded as such in the versions of the same written in other languages, informing language in our facilities which have at that time. In case of discrepancies the casting version will be written in Spanish.
The navigation data, such as domain name provider (ISP) and / or IP address that gives them access to the network, the date and time you access our Web site ( or e- Internet from which the link that leads to it, will be treated for statistical and improvement purposes such website.
Access to this website may involve the use of cookies, both in its pages and those pages linked or referenced through links. These devices are associated exclusively with a single user and their personal computer, using only these data as a whole with the ultimate aim of improving this website. The user has the option of not receiving cookies or being informed about their fixation by configuring their browser accordingly. However, we are not responsible for the deactivation of these impair the proper functioning of the page.
INFORMATION ON FILES AND TRATAMIENTOS.- According to the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), we inform you that the personal data collected on this website will be incorporated into files ownership of OK RENT A CAR SL, located at Av. Gran Vía Asima, 36, -07 009, Palma, Illes Balears, Spain.
CONTACT: The personal data collected in connection with an inquiry or request will be handled for processing it and, if necessary, to contact you regarding this.
DATA OF THIRD PARTIES.- In the case of providing personal data to third parties, You represent that you have the consent of those affected to do so, when they had previously informed of the content of this privacy policy.
COMMUNICATIONS COMERCIALES.- Unless you manifest to the contrary, your data will also be treated to keep you informed either by email, or by any other means, operational and commercial information and conducting opinion surveys about products and services offered by OK RENT A CAR SL or by companies or entities that integrate OK Group the same sector, with which it works, related to the sectors of leisure, insurance, financial and automotive.
INTERESADO.- RIGHTS affected may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing accompanied by a copy of your ID and aimed at Av. Gran Vía Asima, 36, -07 009, Palma, Illes Balears, Spain.

25.Limited mileage
200 kms per day with a maximum of 2000 kms In Mainland.

Cross border policy
Cross border allowed for Andorra

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Refund Policy
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